Veterinary Oncology

Cancer Screening

What Is Cancer Screening?

Just like in people, cancer screening should be an important part of preventative care in dogs; the goal is to look for cancer when your pet is feeling well before they start to show any clinical signs. During wellness visits, our veterinarians at Kentown Animal Hospital look for early signs of cancer in your dog by performing a thorough physical exam, and commonly will ask you about any concerning observations.

In addition to the physical exam, we may recommend running blood work, imaging, and may recommend OncoK9 – a new blood test that could detect cancer before your dog shows any clinical signs.

What is OncoK9?

The OncoK9 is a liquid biopsy test that uses a simple blood draw to detect abnormal DNA released into circulation by cancer cells. OncoK9 can detect 30 different types of cancer, including eight of the most common cancer we see in dogs. Detecting cancer early will provide your dog the best chance of defeating the disease.