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Out of State Diagnostic Testing

We at Kentown Animal Hospital utilize a multitude of out of state testing facilities to make sure your pet’s get the best care possible. We work with Michigan State University’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Kansas State’s Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and the Minnesota Urolith Center

Michigan State University: 

The Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (MSU VDL), a service unit in the College of Veterinary Medicine, is a full-service, fully accredited veterinary diagnostic laboratory for all species. Serving livestock, poultry, horses, and wildlife as well as companion, exotic, aquatic and zoo animals, the MSU VDL is equipped to assist with the care of animals throughout every stage of their life cycle. Our comprehensive test offerings give clients easy access to routine and specialty diagnostics.

The MSU VDL provides diagnostic expertise in the following service sections:

  • Anatomic & Surgical Pathology – Microscopic examination and interpretation of surgical biopsies; immunohistochemistry; postmortem examinations.
  • Bacteriology & Mycology – Isolation and identification of disease-causing bacteria and fungi and susceptibility testing.
  • Clinical Pathology – Diagnostic testing in the areas of clinical biochemistry, hematology, hemostasis, immunology, urinalysis, and cytology. Note: This laboratory section is located at the Veterinary Medical Center.
  • Endocrinology – Determination and interpretation of circulating hormone concentrations.
  • Immunodiagnostics & Parasitology – Diagnostic testing based on detection of antibody and other immune-mediated molecules produced in response to a disease. Identification and diagnosis of diseases caused by or related to parasitic infection.
  • Nutrition – Analysis for levels of vitamins and other elements critical to nutritional status.
  • Toxicology – Diagnosis and identification of poisonous substances (metals, pesticides, drugs, etc.).
  • Virology – Identification of disease-causing viruses.

Kansas State: 

The mission of the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL) is to develop and deliver accurate, innovative, and timely diagnostic and consultative services to the veterinary and animal health community in Kansas and the nation.

In addition, the KSVDL provides an excellent environment of support for the teaching and research responsibilities of the Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, the College of Veterinary Medicine and Kansas State University.

KSVDL provides over 600 additional tests to help accurately diagnose and ultimately treat your pet and serves all 50 states. 

Minnesota Urolith Center: 

The Minnesota Urolith Center provides Quantitative urolith analysis utilizing Polarizing Light Microscopy and Infrared Spectroscopy.  Additional methodologies available include X-ray Crystallography.  We provide recommendations on urolith dissolution and prevention for canine and feline submissions. 

Our database includes over 1.5 MILLION veterinary samples containing epidemiologic data identifying risk factors for urolithiasis.  

Our clinicians offer consultation services and perform lectures and seminars around the world to disseminate knowledge about management of urolithiasis

Expertise available at the University of Minnesota, Veterinary Medical Center include:

  • Medical/Nutritional dissolution
  • Laser Lithotripsy
  • Voiding Urohydropropulsion
  • Basket Retrieval.

The Minnesota Urolith Center is all about minimizing pain and avoiding invasive surgery.  Our goal is to investigate minimally invasive ways to diagnose, remove, and prevent urolithiasis.  We are compassion driven to change the future. The Center is supported by an educational gift from Hill’s Pet Nutrition and private contributions from veterinary professionals and pet owners.  Through these subsidies, the Center is able to provide analysis service at no charge.  To learn more about how to support our efforts – GIVE NOW.

Out Of State Diagnostic Testing In Parma, Ohio

For more information about our out of state diagnostic testing partners or to bring your pet in for testing, contact us today!